Last year, Humble Bundle teamed up with the great tech publisher, No Starch Press, to offer deeply discounted hacking ebooks for as little as one dollar with the Hacking 101 By No Starch Press Humble Bundle of ebooks. This year, on Giving Tuesday, No Starch Press has a new Hacking Book Bundle. The regular cost for the ebooks is more than $800 but you can get all of these ebooks for thirty dollars or just a few of the ebooks for as little as one dollar.

When Can I Get This Deal?

Humble Bundle cycles through deals like this on a regular basis and this one is available for the next 20 days (December 19th) and since these are e-books, you don’t need to worry about them selling out.

More About This Bundle

Whether you are a hacking newbie or a seasoned cybersecurity veteran, you will likely find some insightful books in this bundle. The HumbleBundle website writes, “Hacking is all about challenging yourself to push the boundaries of your hardware, solving tricky coding problems, and improving the world of online security for everyone—and we’ve teamed up with No Starch Press to teach you the skills and art! Get ebooks like How to Hack Like a Ghost, Ethical Hacking, Cyberjutsu, and more in this coders’ bundle, and support the charities No Starch Press Foundation and Let’s Encrypt in the process.

This particular deal includes the following ebooks.

For at least one dollar, you get three e-books

1. The Tangled Web

2. Practical Forensic Imaging

3. Pentesting Azure Applications

For $10 or more, you get another six e-books

4. Practical Malware Analysis

5. Serious Cryptography

6. Foundations of Information Security

7. Real-World Bug Hunting

8. Attacking Network Protocols: A Hacker’s Guide to Capture, Analysis and Exploitation

9. Malware Data Science

For $18 or more, you get another seven e-books

10. Rootkits and Bootkits

11. Crypto Dictionary

12. Cyberjutsu

13. Black Hat Go

14. How To Hack Like A Ghost

15. Practical IoT Hacking

16. Black Hat Python

For $30 or more, you get another two e-books

17. Ethical Hacking

18. The Ghidra Book

So, for $30 you can get all 18 books with a retail price of $804 but there is one more benefit to buying this bundle. When you buy from Humble Bundle, you are also helping charities.

Support a Charity

How much of your purchase price goes to charity? You decide! For this bundle you can divvy up your payment between the publisher and the charities, The No Starch Press Foundation and Let’s Encrypt. If you like, you can adjust donation amounts by clicking on the “Adjust Donation” drop-down on the right side of the page.

How Does This Work?

If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, you may be skeptical about this deal so let me explain how this works. According to the Humble Bundle website, “Humble Bundle sells games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Our mission is to support charity while providing awesome content to customers at great prices. We launched in 2010 with a single two-week Humble Indie Bundle, but we have humbly grown into a store full of games and bundles, a subscription service, a game publisher, and more.”

Humble Partner

Between The Hacks has frequently recommended cybersecurity-based Humble Bundles to our readers and we like these deals so much that Between The Hacks has become an official Humble Partner.

If you make a purchase from the link below, a part of your purchase can go to the upkeep of this blog. However, as stated earlier, you decide where your money goes. Just move the donation sliders under “Adjust Donation” to donate more or less to the publisher, the charities and Between The Hacks.

Hacking Humble Bundle by No Starch Press

A huge thank you to all of you who make this blog possible!

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